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As the new owner of this domain, I believe that the information on 's archived pages is still important and should be available for online viewing. Unfortunately I can't present any of the music that was available on the site. Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent.

David Sample is a father who knows firsthand the devastating impact divorce can have. But through his music and writing, Sample found a way to cope with that pain, inspiring him to become a better person. He is best know for Listen To The Whisper, which was originally published in November of 2013.

This website was created so David could share his thoughts and music with other people. You can purchase his book at Amazon, available in both paperback and kindle formats.

When I first read about David Sample on Acts International's Weekend Encounters in 2014, I clicked the link that brought me to this website. In late 2015 I tried to show a friend this site, but was surprised to find that had disappeared from the web. I was even more surprised when I recently discovered that the domain for was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its content from archived pages. I definitely didn't want someone else purchasing the domain and re-purposing the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website.

When going through the information on other sites regarding David's work I came upon a very unusual comment that I hope is really true. It was a fan who was searching the internet for information on the Superbowl but ended up on this site via Google. She writes, "I believe the Lord as seen the wisdom in David Lee Sample's The Whisper and is guiding people there using Google as the messenger." She's referring to the fact that her searches for football games were instead showing links to this website. If true, clearly a mistake on Google's part. We usually hear of these kinds of search errors when they result in big problems, like those posted on Reputations have been destroyed, and people have lost jobs and opportunities due to what Google reveals in their search results. But in this case, the issue was bringing visitors to an artist's site that may have resulted in something good, because I believe that David's works are inspiring and uplifting. We have a need for that around here.


Life is made of moments, sometimes strung together in larger segments of time and sometimes small, but always a part of the whole. In this little book there are reflections of moments in all sizes, many of which you will recognize as being very much like your own experiences. That is because David Sample has paid attention through a life that has not been easy but has still been blessed, and he has captured the pain, the joy, the challenges and the hope in words that somehow help us understand with our hearts and our minds.

For instance in "Life" he writes:

Rising effortlessly, breathlessly, the waves of eternity
Reach desperately to the depths of our souls

Darkened by past remembrances
Dashed on jagged precipices of our physical world

Ever present
Beckoning to our hearts

The gentle fingers of love reach tentatively
To touch the inner parts of our being

Enjoy your moments here.


ABOUT David Sample

David Sample is a speaker, songwriter, singer, poet, author, and sales guy. Through the arts, David opens the hearts of his audience to their full potential.

A veteran of the Xerox Corporation and the Tom Peters Group, David knows the importance of discipline and heart in achieving extraordinary performance.

I’m delighted to be able to share these songs with those of you who have purchased my book, “Listen To The Whisper.” All of these were originally done a’ cappella, but several of them have music now. My thanks to Steve Eaton, who both played and recorded, and to Lewis Greer, co-writer of Dot Com Blues, for their willingness to share these as well for your personal enjoyment.

All songs © David Lee Sample Reserve

Listen To The Whisper
Originally published: November 2013
Author: David Sample
Available online at Amazon

Praise for Listen to the Whisper "The hand of God truly works in mysterious and glorious ways. Somehow David Sample has written exactly what I needed to hear to truly be freed in the hope, promise, and possibility that was put in me by my Creator. Truth has a way of doing that" - Fran Wyatt, worship pastor, Willow Creek Chicago "David Sample has put together a wonderful, life-affirming collection of poetry in his book, Listen to the Whisper. . . . There is not only wisdom in these poems, but also encouragement and reflection to ponder and be guided by. Read these poems not just with your head, but with your heart as well" - John Harricharan, speaker and bestselling author "For the past fifteen years I have traveled with David Sample as a companion through both darkness and light. His songs, poetry, and insights have all arisen from his efforts to chart a path through the wilderness we call life and to reconcile his creative passion with his everyday work. His book serves as a guide for others, both those who are experiencing a depth of despair and those with a desire to deepen their personal spiritual journey" - James M. Thomas Jr. PhD, MDiv, Trinity Episcopal Church "David Sample's contribution to each of us through this book is no doubt inspired by God. I highly recommend that all of David's readers take time to Listen to the Whisper" - Jack McCall,




4.0 out of 5 stars
Food for Thought-- Enjoyable Read

By norell208 on July 2, 2014
Format: Paperback
Very enjoyable reading. The author shares his ponderings and insights about life ‘s challenges and struggles with openness and honesty . He also shares triumph and hope. I especially liked the poems Well Done, Ignited, Doubt, and Found. In Found, Mr. Sample writes that we are so much more than we believe ourselves to be. “Trapped between what is and what might be…. We may find untapped potential… What a shame it would be To stand in the way of being all we can be.” In a similar vein, In Ignited , he talks about the choices one has in life, and one of those is the choice to take action to pursue our dreams and our passions. These two sentiments resonate for me. One of the author’s goals in writing these poems was to help others, and I believe he has achieved that goal.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Personal Growth Poetry
By Malcolm Dell on February 24, 2014

Format: Paperback
I received this as a gift and thoroughly enjoyed it!
Heartfelt, meaningful poetry... very readable, many important topics on life and relationships. I keep it by my desk and read a verse daily during my morning work preparation to give me a thoughtful way to start my day, before or during my morning meditation.
Great little book, highly recommended for those on a personal growth trajectory.


5.0 out of 5 stars
Inspiring and affirming on a deep level.

By TAYLOR L. on January 7, 2014
Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase
Sometimes when I read something I realize almost immediately that the words are inspired or come from a source outside of the author. This is one of those kind of books. Mere contemplation or insight could not produce something like this. If you are inclined spiritually then I would highly recommend this book. It touches some core essence elements that are transformative.


4.0 out of 5 stars >
We Need More Poetry!

By Chip R. Bell on January 14, 2014
Format: Paperback
Poetry is a mirror that turns into a window pane looking out on the truth. David Sample has honored us with a reflection on all that is saintly and sinister about us but leaves us with a view of how to become our very best.



14 May


There are those who have asked about the story behind “Listen To The Whisper” and my songs.

The cliff notes on my book and music are these.

Man in crisis cries out to God for help. God answers mans cry / question (How Can I Be Whole?) In the form of poems and song lyrics, neither of which I had written before. Scared man runs away. God won’t let go. Man surrenders. No curtain call yet. This story of redemption is still unfolding and will never be complete until we are dead and gone. Amen!!!

One Response to Redemption!!

Bill Black

MAY 20, 2014 AT 8:11 AM

Hi David my name is Bill Black. A mutual friend, Kyle Winn, suggested to me that I contact you. I met Kyle about five years ago in Phoenix while I was working at a homeless shelter and I have been orbiting with him once a week, first over coffee when I lived in Phoenix, and now by phone since I moved to San Jose about three years ago. Kyle tells me you are a song writer, poet and like myself, a student and engineer of humanity. I am very interested in addressing issues of homelessness and cronic poverty and I understand you have an interest in creating a Dignity Center that would address some of the fundamental needs of people who live on the street. I would like to meet with you and learn more about your interests and experiences with homeless issues. I am living with my son and daughter-in-law in San Jose and could meet you most anywhere in the South Bay area for coffee. My e-mail is and my cell phone is (415) 401-5126, please contact me and let’s get together. Paz y Bien, Bill Black


09 May


“If there is anything Beneath you Do you deserve That which is above you”

My first job at 10 was moving quarter mile long sprinkler pipes on Henry Kondo’s farm at 5 in the morning. I made 2.25 for each line moved  and could barely move six lines  in a day. In the meantime, men three times my age with families to feed worked like their lives depended on it. And they did. My second job was as a box boy for Albertson’s in Nampa Idaho. Joe Albertson’s first store was opened in 1939 on 16th street in Boise. He is quoted as saying, “Never think you are so wise that you don’t have something new to learn” My next job was as a waiter at Georgio’s while attending Boise State and then Nafziger’s Mens Wear during my senior year while performing in Music Man, Shenandoah and Annie Get Your Gun. Then the big time of Xerox for sixteen years and The Tom Peters Group. My favorite job by far was waiting tables. And now. After a bit of a tumble I am in the process of putting my life back together and finding nothing beneath me or above me. Just what there is to do in front of me.


09 May


I didn’t make me

I live me

In the image

Of the one

Who made me


18 April

The Homeless

I attend a small Covenant Church in San Jose CA. 90 small with a HUGE spirit. Two members of  The Bridge Community Church work for City Team Ministries located in San Jose. City Team Ministries has offices nationally and ministers to many in the homeless community.

Tomorrow we are serving food to many of the homeless community here. The event is being funded by a  man from Southern California who I understand made his money in the oil business. CAN’T wait to meet him and hear his story.


18 April


- David Sample

“Never doubt that a large

Thoughtful world

Of committed souls

Are changing the world”


15 April


- David Sample

When I write from within

I don’t know from where I begin

In or out makes no difference

The well is open and out they fly

Thoughts and images all collide

Created as one they can’t be denied

To end in a collection with my spirit inside

Exhausted I feel, fatigued and sore, where have I been

Now I remember, there was a door

Once walked through my soul opened wide

Exposing my divinity locked inside

Released it is engaged in all that I am

Expressed through my heart and into my pen


04 March

Your Burning Bush!!

attended a weekend Covenant Church mens conference this past weekend in Scotts Valley Ca. There were 400 of us celebrating in our brokenness and our healing. Singing at the top of our lungs, chowing down on wonderful food, immersed in God’s splendid nature and showered with his cleansing rain.

The highlight for me was the closing speaker on Saturday night. Efrem Smith the outgoing superintendent preached from the Gospel regarding God’s call to Moses to lead his people out of Egypt. Moses resisted, citing innumerable reasons why he was not worthy to be called upon.

God told Moses to throw down his staff. Moses did as he was told and his staff turned into a snake representing the sin, shame and self doubt in his life. Efrem admonished each of us to pick up the snake (sin) in our lives and let God turn our snake in to a staff. For each of us to answer the call of our burning bush. His message hit me right in the sternum. What is your burning bush?

What sin is holding you back? When will you finally surrender to the truth of how God knows you not how you believe yourself to be? See the first poem in my book Listen To The Whisper. This describes how God knows each of us.


18 February

God’s Love

- David Sample

Know that regardless of how human love in all its forms may fail you and hurt you. The love of God is ever present and ever lasting. You knew this was true when you came into the world, before you forgot. Before the first time you experienced pain, doubt, shame, rejection. You are a perfect and unique expression of God. Don’t trust the stories in your head that tell you otherwise or attach yourself to the voices of the world that tell you are insignificant. Trust the gentle whisper of your soul that will guide you on your way. Forgive everyone who has hurt you. If they could have done better they would have. Forgive yourself for being angry and hurt and accept forgiveness from those you have hurt. Remember, you are always loved.


12 February

Is It Me?

Is it me through my own will that I overcome fear or the spirit of God within me that animates my being in a way that is fearless. I have known fear and I know great peace. It is my experience that when I surrendered to the truth of who I am through the eyes of God and embraced the truth of Jesus resurrection for me. A peacefulness began to grow in me that continues to this day.  I stress from within as opposed to being an intellectual exercise to will myself to be peaceful. I am no longer fearful of death, nor am I fearful of life. My only fear if you can call it that is disappointing God for not showing up as he created me to be. A warrior for his kingdom.


08 February

What’s Your Opinion?

In my opinion, so much of what we think we know is based on opinion. Often based on little fact or research. We draw conclusions about ourselves as a result of what those around us have to say. In their opinion. Of course their opinions have been influenced by those who came before and so it goes around and around and where it stops nobody knows. In my opinion.


Listen To The Whisper

by David Sample

The old man sat by the fire
Nursing his tonic and gin

The young boy sat beside him
Wondering where he’d begin

Granddaddy tell me your story
As a young boy where had you been

The old man smiled a sad smile
As the tears welled up within

Bobby when I was a young boy
I dreamed of the road ahead

The whispers of my soul
And the ramblins of my head

I loved the music of my soul
And the dreams that lay ahead

But I listened to those who said don’ t go
And followed my head instead

Bobby when I was a young boy
I dreamed of a lady ahead

Silky hair, beautiful eyes
And lips all painted red

I met her one night
Knew it was right

My soul
That is what it said

But I listened to those who said don’t go
And followed my head instead

The old man stopped for a moment and thought
God where have I been

Nursing his Gin, a smile on his face
And the tears welling up within

Bobby he said on the road of life
LIsten to what I’ve said

Listen to the whisper of your soul
Not the ramblins of your head

The old man sat by the fire
Nursing his tonic and gin

A sad smile on his face
He knew where he had been

Lost in his head
His soul nearly dead

He was near the end
For Bobby not true

For the old man knew
The boys life lay ahead

The old man smiled no smile
No tears welled up within

Seated by his grandson
Was the last place he had been